Drugs disciplinary guide

The below outlines the full delivery, possession or use of drugs which will not be tolerated and the consequences that will occur dependant on your actions.

Class A, Class B, Class C and Psychoactive substances (including nitrous oxide):

  1. Final warning with a £100 penalty charge or attendance on a Drugs Awareness Session* plus sanctions up to; Referral to the Police, Referral to student conduct panel and/or professional suitability.
  2. Notice to quit UWE Bristol accommodation.

Supply or production of any class or any substance:

  1. Notice to quit UWE Bristol Accommodation;  Referral to the Police and Referral to student conduct panel and/or professional suitability, possible expulsion from UWE Bristol.

Drug paraphernalia and shisha pipes possession of:

  1. Confiscation or disposal with advisory letter.

Behaviour management and intervention processes

Find out more about the behaviour management and intervention processes for UWE Bristol accommodation. See also:

Awareness sessions*

Please be advised that awareness sessions are subject to availability at the time of booking. Students will only have one opportunity to attend an awareness session.

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