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Making your choice

When making your accommodation choice, think about the type of living experience you would like, your budget and your individual needs.

On campus

  • Close to your lectures, library and computer labs
  • Close to University support facilities
  • No car parking permits issued for Frenchay Campus if you are in UWE Bristol accommodation
  • Close to The Students' Union at UWE

City centre

  • Increased opportunity for part-time work
  • Close to a vibrant diverse environment
  • A wide choice of social venues nearby
  • No car parking (including parking at the UWE Frenchay or City Centre campus)
  • Close to public transport links

View our accommodation films for more information about living in student accommodation.


  • Costs of different accommodation options vary depending on the facilities offered, so think carefully about what you will be able to afford.
  • Please see accommodation costs for a detailed breakdown of what you need to budget for whilst living in the accommodation.

To compare prices and features included in the rents, please see our UWE Bristol property summary.

Take a look at the accommodation map to see the different accommodation options.

UWE Bristol accommodation guarantee

There are many things to consider before making your application. It is important not to rush this decision but please be aware that demand for some properties is very high. We allocate on a first come first served process. This means that early applicants are more likely to be allocated their preferred choice. Please also remember to meet the application deadline of 8 June.

Alcohol-free environment

Subject to demand, we will be offering alcohol-free flats or houses to residents in campus-allocated accommodation (subject to availability). When living in an alcohol-free flat you are expected not to drink alcohol within the flat at any time. This includes not using alcohol for cooking or providing alcohol for guests. You can, however, store alcohol in your room and drink alcohol away from your flat.

The opportunity to select an alcohol-free flat is on the application form. By accepting an accommodation offer for an alcohol-free flat, you enter into an agreement not to drink alcohol in the flat. If we are notified that alcohol is being consumed in your flat, disciplinary action will be taken which could mean transferring you to alternative accommodation in any available UWE Bristol room.

Alcohol-free flats are for students who choose and apply to live in them - no student will be placed in an alcohol-free flat without prior notification.

Please note that we cannot guarantee an offer of alcohol-free accommodation to all applicants as it will depend on the date you have applied and the availability of this accommodation type.

Local students

If you live locally or within a commutable distance you may wish to consider living at home, especially if your course contact time is only over a day or two. The benefits may include: a reduction in living costs, keeping any existing part-time work and being in a supportive familiar environment.

Please note that if you choose University accommodation and then decide to move home, you will be held financially liable for the full length of your contract unless a suitable student is found to take over your contract who is not living in UWE Bristol accommodation.

If you decide to stay at home in the first instance but then wish to move into University accommodation at a later date, it is very likely that from the beginning of October we will have spaces to offer.

Postgraduate students

As a postgraduate student you are likely to have very different accommodation needs to an undergraduate student. There are many UWE Bristol accommodation options to choose from, although most postgraduates prefer to live with other mature students in private accommodation where the environment is generally quieter.

Postgraduate students apply in exactly the same way as undergraduate students. Find out more about applying for accommodation.

Couples and families

As the majority of accommodation allocated by the University consists of single study bedrooms, it is unfortunately not suitable for families. Although we do have some shared rooms which can be requested on application.

Accommodation documents

Helpful information like our accommodation guide, which will support you with choosing your accommodation. We also have a summary of UWE Bristol property rents and facilities. View accommodation documents.

Find out more about accommodation at UWE Bristol

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