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Who can apply

You can apply for University accommodation at UWE Bristol if you:

  • make us your first choice through UCAS, but not if we’re your second/insurance choice
  • apply to us through Clearing. We can’t guarantee accommodation if you come through this route, but it’s still worth applying. Our accommodation team can keep you up to date on any vacancies that come up.

Students with additional needs

We offer fully-accessible, adapted rooms on Frenchay Campus for students with additional needs. Make sure you apply early if you want one of these, and let us know what support you’ll need so we can do our best to accommodate you.

Students with partners and families

If you’re coming here with your partner, family or other dependants, we don’t have enough rooms to accommodate them too. The same applies to students at associated institutions. Fortunately, there’s lots of private rental property available in Bristol.

Alcohol-free environment

Subject to demand, we will be offering alcohol-free flats or houses to residents in campus-allocated accommodation (subject to availability). When living in an alcohol-free flat you are expected not to drink alcohol within the flat at any time. This includes not using alcohol for cooking or providing alcohol for guests. You can, however, store alcohol in your room and drink alcohol away from your flat.

The opportunity to select an alcohol-free flat is on the application form. By accepting an accommodation offer for an alcohol-free flat, you enter into an agreement not to drink alcohol in the flat. If we are notified that alcohol is being consumed in your flat, disciplinary action will be taken which could mean transferring you to alternative accommodation in any available UWE Bristol room.

Alcohol-free flats are for students who choose and apply to live in them - no student will be placed in an alcohol-free flat without prior notification.

Please note that we cannot guarantee an offer of alcohol-free accommodation to all applicants as it will depend on the date you have applied and the availability of this accommodation type.

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