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Paying for accommodation

How and when to pay for UWE Bristol accommodation.

Advanced rent payment

To accept your offer of UWE Bristol accommodation and secure your room, you’ll need to pay an advanced rent payment of £250 within five days of receiving your offer.

It’s important to budget for this, as you need to pay it before student loans or grants can go into your bank account.

The advanced rent payment so it will be deducted from your final rent payment.

If you’re no longer coming to the University, or you lose your offer of a place, we will refund your deposit, as long as you email to let us know by the end of August.

Rent payments

You can choose to pay for your accommodation in:

  • three instalments in October, January and May


  • eight instalments from October through to May. 

If you’re taking out a student loan to cover your accommodation costs, this is usually paid in three instalments, so it probably makes sense to pay for your accommodation in three instalments, too.

If you’re using a bursary or your parents are helping with rental costs, eight instalments may be the best option.

City centre accommodation

Our city centre accommodation (Marketgate, Nelson & Drake House, Blenheim Court, Phoenix Court and Transom House) is managed by specialist student accommodation providers Unite Students and Host Students, although we look after the applications.
Unite Students (Marketgate, Nelson & Drake House, Blenheim Court and Phoenix Court) -
Host Students (Transom House) -

Unite Students issues the tenancy agreements, collects the rent and deals with all other day-to-day management issues.

If you’re living in any of our city centre accommodation, and choose to pay your rent in eight instalments, you’ll need to pay Unite Students a £99 administration fee.

International students living in Unite Students accommodation will only be able to pay in one or two instalments. 


If you live in any of our city centre accommodation, you’ll need a guarantor. A guarantor will need to be over 25 years old, but they don't need to be UK-based.

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