Students entering Students' Union on Frenchay Campus

After you apply

We start allocating accommodation around the end of April/beginning of May, and you should receive acknowledgement from us about four to six weeks after you apply.

We’ll do our best to accommodate you in a location that’s convenient to your campus, but in some cases you may need to travel to get to where you’re studying.

Campus accommodation often fills up in a few weeks, swiftly followed by the city centre residences. Allocations continue throughout May, June and July.


We’ll email you an offer of accommodation – exactly when you hear back will depend on when you applied.

There are occasionally situations where we need to withdraw an offer of accommodation, for example, if you fail to meet admission requirements, or a course is withdrawn.

Accepting and securing an offer

Once we send you your accommodation offer, you’ll have five days to accept it, and you need to pay your £250 deposit within that time too, to secure your room.

Moving in information

During August, we’ll email you useful moving in information and details of what to do next.

Contract starts

You can move into your accommodation from September (check your offer for the precise date). We’ll send you information about collecting your key  before your contract starts.

Didn’t get the results you wanted?

Not everyone gets the results they want. If yours aren’t what you expected, the best thing to do is contact admissions. One of our advisers can talk you through your options and you can work out your best course of action.

No longer need accommodation?

If you accept an offer of accommodation and then no longer need it, for whatever reason, just make sure you contact the accommodation team by the end of August. We’ll then have enough time to allocate your room to someone else, and we can refund your deposit.


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