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Student Support Advisers

The Student Support Adviser role

The role of a Student Support Adviser is to provide you with information and advice on a wide range of university matters including:

Student Support Advisers can also help to co-ordinate support for your studies by signposting or referring you to other specialist services where appropriate.

Making an appointment with a Student Support Adviser

An appointment with a Student Support Adviser can be made in person by visiting one of the Information Points, telephoning +44 (0)117 32 85678 or emailing the Information Point Team at

You can also book an appointment online. Just log in to the Appointment section in InfoHub, select the topic you would like to talk about and choose an available appointment.

Although you can book an appointment at any time, we recommend that you check the system on a Wednesday afternoon, as that is when all the available appoint slots are published for the following week. 

A telephone appointment with an adviser can be arranged where the adviser can ring you at the agreed date and time if you are unable to attend in person.

When the appointment is booked, you will receive an email confirmation of the date, time, meeting location and the name of the adviser you will be seeing. This email also contains a link which allows you to cancel the appointment if you are no longer available at the arranged time.

If you miss an appointment (or need to cancel)

If you can't attend an appointment you can either cancel it via InfoHub or by contacting one of the Information Points. You are welcome to arrange another appointment. However, missing three consecutive appointments without any prior notification could result in you not being permitted to book another one during the same month.

Further information about appointments

  • Appointments can be booked up to 30 minutes prior to the meeting slot.
  • The maximum duration of the appointment is 20 minutes. If a particular issue requires more time than this, a follow-up appointment can be arranged.

During your appointment

If it is your first appointment with the service, the Student Support Adviser will request your consent to take some notes as a record of the meeting. This is in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.

The Student Support Adviser will listen to your query and provide appropriate information and advice. They may suggest a course of action which could involve signposting or referring you to another service within the University (or an external organisation).

After your appointment

  • You will be sent appointment notes summarising the advice and action points of the meeting to your personal email account. The email will contain a link with instructions of how to access this information.
  • The meeting journal will also request that you provide anonymous feedback about your experience at the appointment for the purposes of monitoring and improving the service.

Further information about the Student Advice Service

Student Support Advisers will not make decisions for you or make judgments about your conduct or circumstances.

Student Support Advisers are UWE Bristol staff who work within the University's regulations, policies and procedures. Advisers cannot act as advocates for you in a dispute with the University or in student conduct hearings. If you need independent support and advice, you should contact The Students' Union at UWE Bristol's Advice Centre.

The Advisers will endeavour to provide a confidential interview space, particularly if requested by a student. Please note that there may be circumstances in which an adviser needs to share information about you without your permission – these are set out in the Student and Partnership Services data privacy statement (student advice).

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