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Module feedback

You can provide anonymous feedback on modules finishing this term through Blackboard using online module feedback survey. The Blackboard support web pages have guidance on module feedback for students.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I fill in an online module feedback survey?

We greatly value your feedback. If you fill in a module feedback surveys for each of your modules, you have the opportunity to let us know if you have experienced any issues or whether you have identified good practice which we should disseminate.

We have asked module leaders to let you evaluate your modules half way through delivery, so that we can act on anything that would enhance your experience of the module, and also at the end of the module so that we can improve things for the next cohort.

The online tool is available within Blackboard.

How will the module feedback surveys tool be made available to me?

The module leader will make the module feedback surveys available through Blackboard. You will receive an announcement with a link, which will direct you to the survey which you then complete online. You will also see the module feedback surveys available to you on the front page of Blackboard. As you complete each one, it will show a green tick to confirm you have done it.

You can complete the survey through your mobile phone, on a tablet or in a computer lab. The Module Team have been asked to give you the time to reflect on your module whilst you complete the module feedback surveys in class.

What will happen to my feedback?

Your feedback is important to us. Your completed survey and comments are saved and sent back to the module leader in bulk.

The module leader will then use this to feedback to you or the next cohort, they will use the information in support of their annual module report and will share it with student representatives through the SRSFs and PMCs at programme level.

Your feedback in completely anonymous.

Can my module team identify me from my feedback?

Your input is anonymous. You cannot be identified from the feedback you give unless you give specific details in the comments which will only refer to you.

Where can I give my feedback?

You will receive an announcement in Blackboard when the module leader has made the online module feedback survey available. In that announcement there will be a link to the survey. You should also find a list of the surveys you have to complete under your announcements on Blackboard. As you complete a survey it will confirm that you have done it by adding a green ‘tick’.

If you are having difficulty finding the feedback survey you should check with your module leader that they have made the module feedback surveys available. 

Why can’t I see all my modules?

If you are having difficulties you should first of all look at the guidance on module feedback within Blackboard. If the problem persists you could check with your module leader that they have made the module feedback survey available. 

I have been asked to give feedback for a module I am not doing, what should I do?

The information in Blackboard comes from your student record. If you have an announcement for a module you are not doing, you will need to get your record updated through one of our Information Points.

I’m having a problem giving my feedback, what should I do?

If you have received the announcement and followed the link, but are still having problems, refer to the guidance on module feedback provided on Blackboard and in the announcement. 

Who should I contact if I have a query?

First, check the guidance on module feedback provided on Blackboard and in the announcement. If this still does not solve your problems, direct your enquiry to the Blackboard support team.

Information for staff

Advice and guidance for Module Feedback Surveys is available on the Intranet. Please note that a UWE Bristol staff login is required to access this download.

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