You need the exceptional removal of a mark process

Completing your form

When submitting your form you will need to provide:

  • your evidence in an electronic format (the total file size should be below 2Mb)
  • your UWE Bristol student registration number
  • your programme title
  • the title/s and code/s of the affected modules
  • details of the affected assessment (including dates).

Please complete the exceptional removal of a mark application form (login required).

1. If you are applying on the basis that your judgement was affected you should:

  • describe the circumstances and their impact on you
  • describe how your judgement was affected at the time of the assessment
  • make sure you have entered the correct module code, name and element of assessment eg CW1, EX1
  • state that you are applying to have a mark removed.

Acceptable types of evidence

  • In cases of bereavement, please refer to the personal circumstances evidence guidance
  • For all other circumstances, the only form of evidence which can be considered is that from a registered practitioner (eg doctor, health professional or mental health professional).
  • The evidence must cover the period of assessment and explain the impact on your judgement at that time. It must relate directly to you, not to a family member or friend. No other form of evidence will be admissible.

2. If you are applying on the basis that you were taken ill during a controlled conditions assessment you should:

  • describe the circumstances and why they meant you were unable to complete the assessment
  • state that you are applying to have a mark removed.

Your application must be supported by written, verifiable, and independent evidence of the medical condition. The medical evidence must be corroborated by a University record of you leaving the assessment (for example, a report of the examination invigilator or academic staff responsible for supervising the assessment).

Send us your evidence

Once you've completed the form, we will email your university email account to let you know we've received your application.

You must reply to this email and attach supporting evidence of the problem you're describing.


If you need any advice or you have questions about your supporting evidence, please contact an Information Point.

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