Personal circumstances – applying after submitting or attending an assessment

Normally, you cannot apply for assessments you have already completed. This is because by choosing to submit an assessment or attend an exam, you have already made a judgement that you were fit to do so. The implication is that there were no personal circumstances (formerly known as extenuating circumstances) present which could have adversely affected you.


You can apply for the exceptional removal of a mark after attempting an assessment in one of the following two instances:

  1. Your circumstances affected your judgement to the extent you were unable to determine that you should not have done the assessment.
  2. You attended an assessment taking place under controlled conditions but were taken ill during the event and were unable to complete the assessment.
  3. If your application is accepted under one of these exceptions, your mark for the assessment will be removed.

Do you feel that either of these circumstances apply to you?

No Yes

If you’re unsure as to whether these exceptions apply to you, please contact an Information Point for advice.

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