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Five working day extension for coursework

If you experience a major circumstance that has the potential to affect your ability to submit a piece of coursework, you may be eligible to apply for a five working day extension.

Please note: You cannot use the five working day extension process if you miss an assessment. You may be eligible to apply under the missed assessments process instead.

How can a five working day extension help?

Normally, if you do not submit work by the required deadline (or within the 24-hour window) a ‘non-submission’ will be recorded. However, if a five working day extension to a deadline is granted, the assessed work can be submitted as if on time and is marked accordingly.

Can I get an extension of more than five working days?

If you need more than five working days and you meet specific criteria, for example you are a disabled student, are pregnant or are a primary carer, you may be eligible for a reasonable adjustment. Please do not use the five working day extension process.

Reasons for applying

The scope for making an application is as follows:

  • bereavement (close family member eg partner, parent, primary carer, child)
  • serious personal accident or injury to yourself or close family member/if you or a close family member are seriously ill (including mental health)
  • victim of crime (we require a written statement of events, evidenced by a crime reference number/police report and one of the following confirming that the nature of the crime is likely to prevent you from submitting your work in time: evidence from a counsellor, doctor, victim support or legal adviser)
  • a major household problem (eg fire, burglary, requirement to appear in court)
  • serious personal disruption (eg victim of a crime, court attendance, relationship breakdown, unanticipated or non-negotiable commitment to duties associated with an elected office, membership of a voluntary organisation or service with reserve forces)
  • Unplanned or unexpected circumstances during pregnancy or for a parent with a baby under six months old (in cases where you or your infant become unwell during pregnancy or post-birth, or something unplanned or unexpected happens and you need additional support beyond that outlined in your pregnancy support plan
  • impact of natural disaster
  • if you are the primary carer for a disabled person and have had something unexpected affect your ability to submit
  • major unplanned and verified changes in work commitments (employer letter to provide evidence of significant change in employment circumstances)
  • sporting commitment at a national/international level
  • participation in activities at a national/international level
  • a unique, career-enhancing opportunity approved by the University
  • you are affected by other illnesses or events disproportionately because of your disability
  • your disability or condition is fluctuating or episodic
  • your disability, mental health condition, medical condition or Specific Learning Difficulty (eg dyslexia) has been diagnosed within the last six months.

You must also be able to provide evidence that shows you have been affected for the specific period associated with your original deadline.


You will need to provide supporting evidence of the problem you are describing, such as a medical certificate. This will need to be in an electronic format so that it can be uploaded with your form, and it must show that you have been affected for the specific period associated with the deadline.

If your evidence is not in English, you may be able to use a local authority translation service such as that provided by Bristol City Council.

Please note: you cannot use a self-certification form as evidence for a five working day extension request.

Due to my long-term disability/medical condition, I might not be able to meet the deadline. What can I do?

If you need to apply for an adjustment to a coursework deadline which is longer than five working days, or for an adjustment to a deadline for resit coursework, please use the online reasonable adjustment to deadline request form (InfoHub login required). Please note that you will need to meet the eligibility criteria set out on the form.

Find out more about Disability Service at UWE Bristol.

Are there any circumstances where five working day extensions are not available?

Due to the nature and timing of some assessments and assessment types, it will not be possible to offer five working day extensions in the following circumstances:

  • Resit coursework
  • Group work
  • Assessments submitted for marking in a studio by a group of staff at a fixed time (including work for an end-of-term degree show)
  • Practice elements of professional practice modules
  • Practical/skills-based work
  • Where assessments are set up as timed assignments, for example computer-based exams, or examinations
  • Any assessments contributing to the Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Assessments limited by logistical constraints, such as assessments to be completed whilst on a field trip; assessments with a submission date which falls after the Friday before the relevant Field Board. You can view the Field Board dates on the academic year calendar.

There may be other cases where it is not be possible to accommodate a student’s request for an extension depending on the nature of an individual assessment.

How to apply

What to know before applying

Wherever possible, you should request an extension as soon as you become aware that you may be unable to meet the original published deadline for an assessment so we can support you.

Please note: If you need to use the five working day extension process you can normally only submit an application two weeks before the assessment deadline.

Applications must be received no later than two full working days before the deadline and you must be able to provide relevant, independent evidence.

Whilst an application for a five working day extension is under consideration, you should not assume that the extension will be approved. You are strongly advised to continue to plan to submit by the published deadline.

Please note: You cannot have more than one five working day extension granted for the same piece of work.

How to apply

If your circumstances and assessment type meet the criteria, you may be eligible to apply for a five working day extension, and will need to complete the extension request form (InfoHub login required).

You will need to provide relevant evidence at the same time that you submit your application. If you do not provide any evidence your application will not be considered.

Please note: It is your responsibility to indicate on the form the correct module name/s, module number/s, element/s of assessment and original submission date for all work for which an extension is sought.

It is very important that you provide the correct module information as this will ensure there are no delays caused by queries. You are advised to have the following information ready before making your extension request:

  • Module name
  • Module number
  • Module Leader name
  • An electronic copy of your evidence

If you are unsure of any of the module details you will able to find them on myUWE (login required) or by using the UWE Bristol Module information search.

You should describe your circumstances as fully and clearly as you can and include the dates of all relevant events. Describe how you believe the circumstances have impacted upon your assessment.

Please be aware that if concerns are raised by the information you provide on the form, it may be passed to the Student Support Advice or Disability Service who may then contact you.

How to apply – University Centre Hartpury students

If you are a Hartpury student and wish to apply, you should contact the University Centre Hartpury Student Advice team to check your local arrangements. Do not use the electronic form on this page.

How to apply – students at partner institutions

If you are studying at a partner institution, please contact your institution’s administration office/student support team to check your local arrangements. Do not use the electronic form on this page.

Support with your application

You can get advice about whether a five working day extension may be the right option for you from a Student Support Adviser. To arrange an appointment:

What happens next?

How will I find out the outcome of my request?

You will receive an email which will be sent to your UWE Bristol email address. This will set out the decision and any further actions.

Please be aware that until you are advised of the decision, the original deadline is the one towards which you should be working.

If I'm granted an extension, how do I submit my work?

Work granted an approved extension must be submitted before 14:00 on the revised deadline date. You will still have a 24-hour window after the revised deadline in which to submit your work, but you will then receive a mark penalty.

Submission via Blackboard

If your assessment is due to be submitted via Blackboard please check the email you receive from us very carefully. You will be given clear instructions on what the extension assignment is called within Blackboard. You must ensure you submit to the right one. It will have the prefix of 'five day extension for a five working day extension', or 'reasonable adjustment to deadline for a reasonable adjustment extension'.
Please note, even if you have an extension agreed you will still receive the non-submission emails regarding the original assignment submission.

Hard copy submission

Please submit your work as follows:

  • Frenchay students: In person to the Coursework Hub, Level 1 of A Block 
  • Bower Ashton students: In person to room 0C49a
  • Glenside students: In person to room 2B24 or via the general submission box in A block
  • Gloucester Campus students: In person to room AW002, Alexandra Warehouse

If you are submitting work by post you must obtain proof of postage (for example, by using Recorded Delivery) noting the date and time of postage. View postal addresses of campuses on the assessment FAQs under the ‘How and where do I submit my coursework?’ tab.

Where coursework submission boxes are used there will be one designated for approved extensions. Failure to submit the work in the correct way may result in a ‘non-submission’ being recorded.

You can find guidance on the assessment FAQs about how to submit hard copies of work.

If the module requires that you submit multiple copies of the work (eg two copies of a project or dissertation), please ensure that you do submit all of the required number of copies.

My extension request has been submitted, but I've already uploaded an earlier version of my work via Blackboard. Will this be marked?

When you apply for an extension you will be asked to let us know whether you have already submitted an earlier version of your work via Blackboard.

If you confirm that you have and your extension request is accepted, any earlier electronic versions you submitted on Blackboard will be automatically removed from the system and will not be marked. You must then submit a hard copy of the work by the extended deadline or you will be recorded as a ‘non-submission’.

If you confirm that you have but your extension request is not accepted you will be marked on the last submission you make on Blackboard (whether this is by the original deadline or within the 24-hour window).

My request has been accepted and I've submitted my work. How will I receive my mark?

Because your work will be submitted after the original deadline, you will not receive your mark until after the rest of your cohort. Once ready, your mark will be available in your myUWE account but you may find you are showing as a non-submission ('NS') until this time.

Please note: Anonymous marking will still apply to work submitted under this process. It will be used except for those assessments where it is either impractical or impossible to do so, for example professional practice assessments, a project or a presentation.

What happens if my extension request is rejected?

If your application is not accepted you will be expected to submit your work by the original deadline (or within the 24-hour window). However, you may still be eligible to submit a separate missed assessments application if you are unable to submit the work.

Additional information

Repeated requests

Repeated requests for extensions to deadlines would normally activate a detailed review of a disabled student’s current support, or to consider whether a student who does not have reasonable adjustments in place, requires them.

Support processes for assessments

If you are unable to submit work or attend an assessment please see our support processes for assessments information.

Any questions?

If you have a question which is not answered above then please contact an Information Point for further guidance.

For further information please see the code of practice and guidance.

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