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What to bring to your exam

Remember your student ID card

You must bring your UWE Bristol student ID card to every exam.

If your student ID card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the security office (1E20, Frenchay Campus) or call +44(0)117 32 82866. You can get a replacement card through the online store.

Items allowed during your exam

You're allowed to bring:

  • pens, pencils, rulers and erasers – but they must be stored in clear pencil cases or transparent bags
  • any other specific items required for the exam, such as a university-approved calculator (see below)
  • any approved material specified by the Module Leader
  • still drinks in a clear, unlabelled plastic bottle – with a closable top and without writing or logos
  • small amounts of food, as long as it’s not noisy or distracting.

Extra materials

Please check the permitted extra materials for your exam and bring them with you. The Exams Team don’t have any spare calculators, statutes, case studies or textbooks that you can borrow.

University-approved calculators

If your exam allows you to use a calculator, it must be a non-programmable one without an alpha numeric keyboard. You can't use the calculator on your mobile phone (which must be switched off).

Remember that you can’t borrow, lend or share calculators with anyone. If you forget your calculator you'll need to take the exam without one.

Coats and bags

  • Please leave any coats, bags and similar items in the areas indicated by the invigilators.
  • We advise you to keep belongings to a minimum and not to bring any valuables with you. UWE Bristol isn’t responsible for any items lost or stolen from examination venues.
  • Please dress comfortably, as temperatures in exam rooms can fluctuate. We recommend you wear layers which can be removed or added depending on the temperature.

Items not allowed

You can't bring any of the following (if you try, they'll be confiscated until the end of the exam):

  • noisy food or drinks
  • manuscripts or books (unless specified by your exam question paper)
  • music players or other electronic devices, including smart watches
  • personal computers
  • any other aids not specifically allowed by the question paper
  • non-clear pencil cases.

Mobile phones

  • You must switch off your mobile phone and disable any alarms.
  • You must leave your phone in your bag or, if you don’t have a bag, face down on your desk underneath your ID card.

Contact us

If your question isn’t answered by any of the both, please contact the Central Examinations Team at

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