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Reasonable adjustments

Types of reasonable adjustment

If you have a disability or health condition you may be entitled to adjustments for exams.

Typical adjustments can include:

  • extra writing time
  • use of a PC
  • desk breaks (inform the invigilator that you wish to leave your desk/room during the exam, and the clock will be stopped until you return to your desk. The standard time given for these breaks is 15 minutes per hour.)
  • an adjusted room, which can include a smaller room, partitioned room and solo room
  • a scribe, where you’ll dictate your answers to an exam support worker
  • a reader, where the question paper will be read aloud to you
  • exam papers or answer booklets in a different format
  • ergonomic furniture.

We have detailed some of these adjustments and what you can expect from them in our factsheet.

Apply for reasonable adjustment

Please contact Disability Service before the exam deadline to arrange support. If you miss the deadline, please contact the Disability Service Team for your circumstances to be considered as some reasonable adjustments may still be accommodated.

If you need assistance, please contact an Information Point.

Assessment period Deadline
Assessment period one: 6-17 January 2020 Friday 6 December 2019
Assessment period two: 27 April-22 May 2020 Friday 3 April 2020
Assessment period three: 13–24 July 2020 Friday 26 June 2020

Emergency support

If you need emergency additional support arrangements because you’ve been injured or have a serious infectious illness, the University will make every effort to arrange them regardless of when you made your request.

Ad-hoc exams

If you have any exams taking place outside of the above assessment periods, the deadline to apply for alternative exam arrangements is three weeks before the exam date.

View your adjustments

Once your adjustments have been set up you’ll be able to view them within myUWE. Simply visit the Reasonable Adjustments section within the Personal Details tab.

Your adjustments will be in place for the duration of your course. If there’s any discrepancies please contact an Information Point.

Exam timetable

Please note: If you have reasonable adjustments for exams you won’t be in the main exam room. Please go to the room specified on your exam timetable.

If you're entitled to extra time for any of your exams, this will now show on your timetable. Please note that it only applies to extra time, not rest breaks, which will be known by your exam invigilator.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about reasonable adjustments, please contact an Information Point.

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