Academic credit

How we define academic credit at UWE Bristol and what it means for you.

How credits are awarded

Credits are gained when modules are successfully completed. At UWE Bristol, modules are normally given values between five and 60 credits.

The number of credits assigned to a module is based on learning hours, ie the number of hours which it is expected that students will spend, on average, achieving the learning outcomes. One credit usually equals ten notional hours of study.

You become eligible for an award when you achieve sufficient credit in the required modules. Sometimes ‘module credits’ are described as being like a currency which can be accumulated and then ‘cashed in’ or exchanged when you accept an award (eg an honours or a Masters degree).

You can find out more about credits and how they work in the Academic Survival Guide.

Prior learning

If you have undertaken prior learning which is relevant to your modules or award, you may be able to apply for it to be recognised under the Accreditation of Prior Learning or Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning processes.

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