Academic status letters

Find out how to request letters from the University and where to find information.

What letters does UWE Bristol offer?

We provide letters for students under the following circumstances:

  • The status letter available from myUWE does not contain enough information.
  • The information requested is not already available through other means (notifications of marks on myUWE, HEAR, term dates). 

How long until I get a response?

The turnaround for responding to your query is five working days. Please note that during busy times (June to September) this will be ten working days.

Who can verify the letters I download?

The downloaded documents should be acceptable for most purposes, however, if you need them to be physically signed, please take them to an Information Point and a member of staff will be happy to stamp and sign them.

Types of letters

I need a letter to:

Confirm my current student status (including attendance dates)

Current students are able to print a status letter available from myUWE.

Alternatively, you may wish to obtain a copy of your Student Status Letter directly from an Information Point located at every campus.

If the dates on the letter are incorrect, please complete our online enquiry form.

Confirm I was previously a student at UWE Bristol

Former students can request a letter confirming attendance dates and award. Please complete our online enquiry form.

Confirm my award (recently graduated)

Certificates are posted in the weeks following publication of results (see Certificates for graduating students).

If you need confirmation of your award and are unable to wait for your certificate to arrive, you should download your HEAR or NOCAM from myUWE.

Please note: You have 42 days from publication of results to download your HEAR.

Please refer to our Certificates pages for further information.

Confirm my award (graduated more than two months ago)

If your certificate has not arrived the University will provide another copy. However, please note that we must wait two months from the date of posting before we can be certain the certificate is lost. This is to allow the certificate to be returned to us.

If you have not downloaded a copy of your certificate or HEAR, we are able to provide a verification letter which will state your award and date achieved.

Please note: Turnaround times during peak periods (May to August) can be up to ten days, so by the time a letter is produced your certificates may have arrived. See our Other types of certificates pages for more information on verification letters.

Please refer to the Certificates pages for information on applying for replacement certificates.

Give to my sponsor

On occasion, sponsors will request a letter from the University confirming information. The notes below point you to where you can find the most commonly requested information:

Fee information (confirm my current fees)

The online fee search should be able to provide this information.

If you are part time or postgraduate you will receive an invoice from the University. If you have not received an invoice, you should contact the relevant Student Administration Team for your Faculty.

Confirm my hours of study/contact time

It is not possible to produce a definitive statement about your hours of study. However, you should be able to find this information via the online course database as it is usually contained within the programme or module specification. If you are in doubt, please contact your programme leader (also available on the course database).

Confirm that I will be on vacation

Student vacation dates are published on the Term dates pages.

Confirming my progression on an award

This information is available in your HEAR (all your modules, marks and activities) or NOCAM (results following each round of Exam Boards) from myUWE.

For any other information pertaining to your current status on the award (ie confirm your current module registration), you should contact the relevant Student Administration Team for your Faculty.

Provide a scan of my certificate

UWE Bristol does not provide scanned/duplicate copies of certificates to sponsors. We recommend that the HEAR is used. Certified true copies can be ordered via the online store.

Further questions

Where the above do not satisfy the sponsor/employer, please ask them to contact an Information Point directly to confirm their requirement.

Information required:

  • UWE Bristol student number
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Name of award
  • Dates of attendance/date of completion (if relevant)
  • Details of any additional information required

Data protection notice

The University may disclose your attendance and progression information to your employer/sponsor, on receipt of a legitimate request, if the following circumstances apply:

  • Your tuition fees are being paid by your employer/sponsor.
  • You are paying your own tuition fees, but are allowed paid time off work by your employer to attend University.

Confirm my modules and marks for a future employer

Current students

Current students should download your HEAR or NOCAM from myUWE. These are the official notifications from the University of your marks.

Former students

This information is contained within your certificate of credit. We do not provide this information in a letter, however, you are able to apply for a certified true copy.

Students who graduated pre-2000 may not have a certificate of credit. Please  complete our online enquiry form and we will see what we can provide for you.

Apply for a Schengen visa

Students who are applying for a Schengen visa normally need to provide a letter from the University confirming their status. Please review the information on the Schengen visa pages.

Please note: Our turnaround time for producing letters is five working days. Therefore, it is important that you allow ample time before your visa appointment before requesting a letter. We may not be able to produce letters at short notice.

Other letters

The following letters are provided by other teams at the University:

Further questions

For any queries not covered by the above, please complete our online enquiry form.

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