Ivaylo Slavov

Ivaylo SlavovIvaylo Slavov is a PhD student at the Science Communication Unit, which he starting doing part time in October 2016.

Ivaylo has an MSc in Physics, and over 20 years experience in weather forecasting for media and aviation. In the last ten years he has turned his focus more specifically to science communication, as one of the founders of Sofia Science Festival, established in 2011 and a FameLab judge in Bulgaria.

He is also Leader of the Learning Team at Muzeiko, a Children’s Science Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Research, practice and projects

The broad goal of Ivaylo’s PhD research is to shed light on the social impact of the relatively new Children’s Science Centre Muzeiko in Sofia Bulgaria, which opened in October 2015. The PhD is likely to draw on the concept of Science Capital and its dimensions.

The PhD will be focussed around participants including young people, families, teachers, and relevant aspects of the Bulgarian educational system as a key stakeholder.

Further information

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