Horticulture Advocates Programme (HAP)

Inspiring students to explore exciting Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) opportunities in the horticultural industry, we are contributing to this project, which is being led by Eden Project Learning.

The aim is to engage local schools in exciting career opportunities offered in the horticultural sector. The project addresses two components: firstly, it enables young people to find sustainable careers both locally and nationally; secondly, it acts as a proof of concept by introducing the initiative to other FE College providers regionally by the end of year two.

HAP provides a career pathway for C21 horticulturalists within the Green Infrastructure (GI). It will train 14-year old Advocates by working with industry, academic and student mentors. HAP graduates will become an Advocate within their schools and promote the importance of horticulture as a rewarding career choice.

Dr Clare Wilkinson and Dr Laura Hobbs are working on the Horticulture Advocates Programme from an evaluation perspective. This includes providing evaluation materials, which are being used with young people, their families and carers, teachers and industry representatives.

The project is funded by the Edge Foundation.

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