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Science for Environment Policy communicates environmental research findings in easy-to-understand formats to policymakers and citizens across Europe, strengthening the connection between scientific evidence and policy. It is a free news alert service delivered weekly by e-mail to subscribers; to receive the alerts, sign up to the news alert service.

The service is run by the Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol on behalf of the DG Environment of the European Commission.

The service produces a range of other publications, including Thematic Issues covering specific research themes, Future Briefs covering emerging risks and opportunities on environmental policy topics, In-Depth reports, videos and infographics. 

Biodiversity: how can the ecosystem services approach help? 

To keep Europe’s ecosystems healthy, we need to protect biodiversity. How can the ecosystem service approach help? And how can we capture people’s more deeply held values beyond mere money?

Watch the video below produced by Science for Environment Policy about the different tools in the ecosystem services toolbox:

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