Research success stories

Our groundbreaking research spans the spectrum of academic disciplines. Every project looks to advance global knowledge and often endeavours to change many lives for the better.

Recent research accomplishments

Lighting up cancer cells

Professor Vyv Salisbury is using gene technology to develop a rapid predictive test to allow tailored chemotherapy for leukaemia patients.

Helping people adjust to visible disfigurement

Thousands across the world live with appearance-related issues. Professor Nichola Rumsey strives to make a real difference, with support from The Healing Foundation and the Appearance Research Collaboration.

Robotic tools push forward healthcare boundaries

Pioneering research through Bristol Robotics Laboratory to develop robotic tools to improve minimally invasive medical procedures. This project is in collaboration with leading surgeons and industrial collaborators.

Fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis

Sarah Hewlett's research work on the association of fatigue with rheumatoid arthritis has led to international consensus that fatigue needs to be measured in all clinical trials.

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