Guidance on research ethics

Research within the NHS

Our guidance on research within the NHS provides a summary for those researchers planning to conduct health research within the NHS. Much of the detail highlighted below originates from the research community guidance published by the Health research Authority (HRA).

Research with ethical issues but not involving human participants

Our guidance on research projects without Human Participants aims to help the project manager and applicant think through the issues and submit an appropriate application for ethical approval.

Research involving children

Our guidance on research with children and young people gives guidance on the specific requirements for consideration in any research with or about children and young people.

Security Sensitive Research (SSR)

All staff and students planning to undertake research that may be considered to be security sensitive must be aware of the SSR guidance which includes details of the scope of SSR, management of applications and protection of researchers. It also provides links to advice, support and training.

Research sponsorship

Our guidance on research sponsorship at UWE offers guidance on the role and responsibilities of the research sponsor.

Ethical review of Evaluation Studies and Evaluation Research

This guidance on the Ethical review of Evaluation Studies and Evaluation Research  explains what is meant by evaluation and when it requires ethical review by a Research Ethics Committee.

Social media research

Our guidance on the use of 'social media' in research offers helpful advice and guidance, including sample questions for researchers and reviewers of research ethics applications.

Research Passport system

The Research Passport provides a mechanism for pre-engagement information about a researcher to be shared with relevant NHS organisations in which the applicant will be conducting research. It includes an occupational health assessment, employment/student screening and DBS check.

Research Passport Application Process for Students  

Resources for researchers

Useful resources for researchers relating to research ethics.

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