Recruiting postgraduate research students

Information and advice for postgraduate research supervisors on recruiting postgraduate research (PGR) students.

PGR student enquiries

If you receive a direct enquiry from a potential PGR student, please ask the student to email the Graduate School at We will ensure that the candidate receives the correct application documents and we can answer any questions regarding the application process.

Advertising studentships

All studentships are advertised on our website and on  Please email the Graduate School if you wish to advertise a studentship. 

Application process

All PGR applicants are required to complete an application form and submit it with supporting documents to the Graduate School. We will forward complete applications to the Faculty PGR Director for quality consideration. Other Faculty colleagues may also be asked to provide specialist review. If the applicant is a strong candidate and the University can support the proposed research project, we will invite the applicant for interview.

Interview process

A member of the Faculty Research Degrees Committee (FRDC) will chair the interview panel. The potential Director of Studies will normally be on the panel, as will others with particular relevance to the project eg potential supervisor, external advisor or collaborator. Graduate School staff will help arrange the interview. 


If an applicant is successful at interview, we will send them a formal offer letter, together with Terms and Conditions of their offer, naming a prospective Director of Studies and specifying a start date.

Further information

If you require further information or support, or have any suggestions for information you would like to see on this page, please email


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