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Graduate School Handbook

This handbook is for postgraduate researchers, their supervisors, examiners and Independent Chairs, and anyone involved in supporting PGRs.

Part 1 - Postgraduate research degree awards of the University

Information about postgraduate research awards available at UWE Bristol.

Part 2 - Postgraduate qualification descriptors

Information about qualification descriptors for postgraduate research degrees at UWE Bristol.

Part 3 - Applications and admissions

Information about the admissions process for postgraduate research degrees at UWE Bristol.

Part 4 - Registration

Information about the registration process for postgraduate researchers at UWE Bristol.

Part 5 - Personal conduct

Information about personal conduct and academic integrity.

Part 6 - Professional development

Information about postgraduate researcher skills development, including teaching.

Part 7 - PGR wellbeing and sources of support and help for postgraduate researchers including personal circumstances

Information about reasonable adjustments, personal circumstances and other resources and sources of help available.

Part 8 - Supervisory teams and the supervision process

Information about postgraduate research degree supervision.

Part 9 - Registration of the research project (RD1)

Information about mandatory research degree project registration (RD1).

Part 10 - Research governance

Information about research governance for postgraduate research degrees at UWE Bristol.

Part 11 - The progression examination

Information about the progression exam process, including details of the viva exam and report submission.

Part 12 - Progress review in stages 2 and beyond

Information about the periodic progress review process for postgraduate researchers at UWE Bristol.

Part 13 - Preparing for the final assessment

All details about preparing for final assessment, including appointing an examination team and preparing the thesis and other approved materials for submission.

Part 14 - Final assessment

All details about the final assessment period, including possible outcomes and next steps.

Part 15 - Assessment offences

Information about assessment offences, including potential outcomes of any investigation, and how to appeal.

Part 16 - Quality assurance matters

Information relating to how we ensure quality in Graduate School processes, including relevant committees, student representation and how to make a complaint.

Appendix 1 - Higher doctorates

Information about the regulations and processes for the eligibility, consideration, submission, and awarding of higher doctorate awards.

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