Young people experts

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Young People

Dislike of their appearance Liz Frost
Eating disorders Liz Frost
Obsession with looks by young women Liz Frost
Role of media in obsession with appearance Liz Frost
Young people and crime Richard Kimberlee
Young people and politics Richard Kimberlee
Young people and technology Seth Giddings
Young people and the media Seth Giddings
Young people involved in decision making Richard Kimberlee


Child health and well-being Toity Deave
Children and media Seth Giddings
Children and play Seth Giddings
Children and Social Policy Helen Butcher
Children and Technology Seth Giddings
Children's literature Catherine Butler
Comparative Early Years Curricula Helen Butcher
Computer game culture Seth Giddings
Designing spaces to include young children Helen Butcher
Health visiting Toity Deave
Parental well-being Toity Deave
Young Childrens Play Helen Butcher
Young Childrens Rights/Voices Helen Butcher

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