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Human rights Dr Anastasia Karamalidou
Missing People Michael Harris 
Police culture Michael Harris
Police Education Michael Harris
Prison health and austerity Nasrul Ismail
Prison and offender health Dr Nick de Viggiani
Prison systems Dr Anastasia Karamalidou
Probation issues Dr Nikki McKenzie
Restorative justice Dr Nikki McKenzie
Susceptibility to online scams and phishing emails Dr Emma Williams
Youth homelessness and crime Dr Nikki McKenzie
Youth justice and youth crime Dr Nikki McKenzie

Young People

Eating disorders Dr Helen Malson
Gender issues Dr Helen Malson 
Young people and crime Dr Richard Kimberlee
Appearance and body image Dr Phillippa Diedrichs
Magic (contemporary) Dr David Green
Organised crime in C19th America Michael Woodiwiss 
Paganism/witchcraft (contemporary) Dr David Green
Participation Ann De Graft-Johnson
Population ageing and pensions Martin Sullivan
Pornography and censorship Professor Alison Assiter
Social and political theory Professor Alison Assiter
Social exclusion Professor Rob Atkinson
  John Bird
Social exclusion and the built environment Ann De Graft-Johnson
Sociology and history of death and dying Helen Frisby
Sociology of the body - health/fitness/diet John Bird

Social Policy

British social policy 1850 to 1945 Dr June Hannam


Ageing Dr Gary Christopher
Applied and experimental psychology Dr Phil Morgan
Arts and psychology Dr Guy Saunders
Behavioural change Dr James Byron-Daniel
Bilingualism, cognition and language Dr Selma Babayigit
Caffeine Dr Gary Christopher
Confinement (solitary/isolation/former hostages experience) Dr Guy Saunders
Counselling psychology Christine Ramsey-Wade 
Children's reading, spelling and writing development and difficulties Dr Selma Babayigit
Dementia Dr Gary Christopher 
Developmental/child psychology  Dr Selma Babayigit
Emotion regulation Dr Gary Christopher
Human factors Dr Phil Morgan
Language development Dr Selma Babayigit
Memory Dr Gary Christopher 
Mindfulness Christine Ramsey-Wade
Neuroscience Dr Phil Morgan
Nostalgia and reminiscence Dr Gary Christopher
Psychological aspects/implications of breast cancer Professor Diana Harcourt
Psychology of appearance/impact of disfigurement Professor Nichola Rumsey
Sensory deprivation Dr Guy Saunders
Social attitudes to rape Professor Phil Rumney
Sports Psychology Dr James Byron-Daniel
  Dr Claire-Marie Roberts
  Lindsay Woodford


Violence towards women Dr Billie Oliver
Black women and the built environment Ann De Graft-Johnson
European women’s history in C19th and C20th Dr June Hannam
Feminist theory Professor Alison Assiter
  Estella Tincknell
  Dr Finn Mackay
Feminist perspectives Dr Helen Malson
Motherhood and Austerity Dr Michal Nahman
Representation of older women and the media Dr Josie Dolan
Women and alcohol Moira Plant
Women and mental health Dr Liz Frost
Women and the built environment Ann De Graft-Johnson
Women’s health issue Jennie Naidoo
Women’s history Dr Madge Dresser
  Dr June Hannam
Women’s writing Dr Marie Mulvey Roberts
Women's personal safety Dr Billie Oliver
Women's reproductive health Dr Michal Nahman
Women in Romanian Society Dr Michal Nahman 
Young women's obsession with their looks Dr Liz Frost


Race equality in built environment/architecture education Ann De Graft-Johnson
Race equality issues John Bird


Activities of tobacco companies Dr Paul Pilkington
Smoking – quitting/and psychological effects Dr James Byron-Daniel
Smoking in public places Dr Paul Pilkington


Psychopharmacology (effects of drugs on brain and behaviour) Dr Chris Alford


Sleep deprivation Dr Chris Alford

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