Language and literature experts

Areas of expertise Contacts
Changes and history of the English Language Professor Richard Coates
English accents and dialects Professor Richard Coates
Future of the Book Dr Tom Abba
eBook development Dr Tom Abba
Electronic Literature Dr Tom Abba


Ageing in Fiction Dr Zoe Brennan
American writers on Shakespeare Dr Peter Rawlings
American literature C19th Dr David Greenham
American Race and Class Dr Sarah Robertson
American South Dr Sarah Robertson
  Dr Ann Alston
Childhood in C19th and C20th Dr Ann Alston
Close reading Dr David Greenham
Contemporary American literature and culture

Dr Sarah Robertson

Contemporary British fiction Dr Mariadele Boccardi
Dickens Dr Gillian Ballinger
Gender in Fiction Dr Zoe Brennan
  Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts
Gothic literature  Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts
Henry James Dr Peter Rawlings
Historical novel Dr Mariadele Boccardi
History of secret societies Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts
Literature and culture C18th Dr Kerry Sinanan
Literature and culture C19th Dr Gillian Ballinger
Literature and medicine Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts
Literature mid C19th-early C20th Professor William Greenslade
Modern literature Dr Scott Fraser
Narrative and life story research Dr Catherine Rosenberg
Philip Larkin Dr Peter Rawlings
Ralph Waldo Emerson and transcendentalism Dr David Greenham
Representations of the body Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts
Robert Browning Dr Britta Martens
Romanticism and C18th lit. Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts
  Professor Robin Jarvis
Science fiction Dr Mark Bould
Science, medicine and literature 1880-1920 Professor William Greenslade
American writers on Shakespeare Dr Peter Rawlings
Shakespeare's 'Henry' plays Dr Peter Rawlings
Slavery and abolitionism Dr Kerry Sinanan
Victorian culture Dr Mariadele Boccardi
Victorian literature Dr Britta Martens
Victorian literature, science and culture Dr Mike Davis
Women's writing Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts
O'Casey, Sean - general Dr Scott Fraser
James, Henry Dr Peter Rawlings
Hardy, Thomas - general Professor William Greenslade
Hare, David - general Dr Scott Fraser
English poetry of any period Dr Britta Martens
Science Fiction Dr Mark Bould
Travel writing Professor Robin Jarvis 



Amerindian languages Dr Jeanette Sakel
Bilingualism, cognition and language Dr Selma Babayigit
  Dr Anna Piasecki
  Dr Jeanette Sakel 
Changes in the English language Professor Richard Coates
English accents and dialects Professor Richard Coates
Health communication Professor Jonathan Charteris-Black
  Dr Jeanette Sakel 
Language development Dr Selma Babayigit
  Dr Anna Piasecki
Languages and gender Dr Kate Beeching
Linguistic fieldwork Dr Jeanette Sakel
Local and national place names Professor Richard Coates
Metaphor, political communication Professor Jonathan Charteris-Black
Surnames Professor Richard Coates
Typology Dr Jeanette Sakel

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