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Applied Computer Science

Digital culture Seth Giddings
New media Tom Abba
  Patrick Crogan
  Barry Dean
  Seth Giddings
  Iain Grant
New media and everyday life Tom Abba

Seth Giddings
New media policy Gillian Swanson
Videogame culture Seth Giddings


E-learning Liz Falconer
  Manuel Frutos-Perez
Science Fiction Mark Bould
Virtual reality systems Barry Dean
Applications of computer visiion in industry, medicine and security Melvyn Smith
Complex systems Andrew Adamatzky
Computer games programming Barry Dean
  Mark Palmer
Computer graphics Melvyn Smith
Computer modeling Barry Dean
  Peter Hale
Cybersecurity Dr Phil Legg
Data analysis and visualization Peter Hale
Image understanding and artificial intelligence Melvyn Smith
IT applications in history Peter Wardley
  Anthony Pipe
Nature inspired computing Andrew Adamatzky
Theory of computation Andrew Adamatzky
Unconventional computing Andrew Adamatzky
Distributed data and process management Richard McClatchey
Grid computing Richard McClatchey
Health informatics Richard McClatchey
Scientific and engineering computing Richard McClatchey
Software engineering and systems modelling Richard McClatchey

Game Studies

Computer games programming Barry Dean
  Mark Palmer
Game Cultures Seth Giddings
Games, play and everyday life Seth Giddings
Games, play and technology Seth Giddings
Videogames and society Patrick Crogan


Rich Internet Application (RIA) Simon Carter
Theory and practice of web design Seth Giddings
Web and everyday life Seth Giddings
Web Application Security Simon Carter


Science communication Peter Broks
  Emma Weitkamp

Information Communication Techology

ICT and the community and voluntary sectors Nick Plant
Information society Gillian Swanson
Internet law Alan Coulthard
Internet Systems Barry Dean
Network technology, popular culture and everyday life internet media Seth Giddings

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