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Big data, AI, immersive technologies, mobile technologies and internet of things Dr Lukman Akanbi
  Professor Lukumon Oyedele
  Dr Olugbenga Akinade
Climate for innovation Professor Carol Jarvis
Leadership practice and development Professor Carol Jarvis
Leading change and organisational change Professor Carol Jarvis
Office space, open-plan working, workspace and workplace Dr Harriet Shortt
Photography as research method and visual methods Dr Harriet Shortt
Sociology of space at work and physical work environment Dr Harriet Shortt


Economy, economic policy, the budget and economics Professor Daniela Gabor
  Professor Felix Ritchie
  Professor Jo Michell
Financial institutions and markets Professor Daniela Gabor 
  Professor Felix Ritchie
  Professor Jo Michell


Marketing, branding, buyer/seller relationship Dr Mario Vafeas 

Employment and Enterprise

Big data and government decision-making Professor Felix Ritchie
Confidentiality and privacy and data protection Professor Felix Ritchie
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Professor Gurpreet Jagpal
Equality legislation Professor Hazel Conley
Gender pay gap and women in the workplace Professor Hazel Conley
  Professor Sue Durbin
Minimum wage Professor Felix Ritchie

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