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Banking in C19th Ireland Dr Philip Ollerenshaw
Crisis and issues management Tom Bowden-Green
Critical management studies Dr Olivier Ratle
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions Catherine Cai 
Data security and data access Dr Felix Ritchie
Decision-making in complex projects Dr Svetlana Cicmil
Earnings and incentivisation Dr Felix Ritchie
Economic and business history Dr Philip Ollerenshaw
Electronic health Maria Emmanouilidou
Emerging market multinational enterprises Catherine Cai
Graduate employability and student part-time working Dr Carl Evans
Intercultural management Dr Olivier Ratle 
International business strategies Catherine Cai 
International development projects Dr Svetlana Cicmil
Knowledge management systems Dr Felix Ritchie
Leadership learning and development Dr Gareth Edwards
Leadership and management in international development Professor Peter Case
Leadership and organisational studies Dr Gareth Edwards
Leadership for sustainability and corporate social responsibility Dr Svetlana Cicmil
Leadership ethics Professor Peter Case  
Management and leadership development Dr Svetlana Cicmil
Meta-theoretical debates in management Dr Olivier Ratle
Operational Management Professor Vikas Kumar
Organisational capabilities for change Dr Felix Ritchie
Organisational change, resistance and change management Dr Olivier Ratle
Organising for innovation Dr Felix Ritchie
Organisational learning Dr Felix Ritchie
Organisational studies Dr Harriet Shortt
Privacy and confidentiality Dr Felix Ritchie
Project management competencies Dr Svetlana Cicmil
Public relations Tom Bowden-Green
Quality improvement, lean, 6 sigma Dr Mel Smith
Small business performance measurement Dr Mel Smith
Supply chain management Professor Vikas Kumar
Sustainable business and triple bottom line Dr Mel Smith
Sustainable business models Dr Peter Bradley
Sustainable organisation Dr Svetlana Cicmil
  Professor Vikas Kumar
Stakeholder and community consultation Tom Bowden-Green
Work space design  Dr Harriet Shortt


Accounting issues specific to oil, gas and mining companies Professor Robert Luther
Asset pricing Professor Cherif Guermat  
Banking law - financial exclusion, financial education, corporate social responsibility, credit crunch Dr Clare Jones
Charity finances and survival Dr Felix Ritchie
Climate change and finance Dr Yannis Dafermos
Corporate finance and reporting Professor Jon Tucker
Ecological macroeconomics Dr Yannis Dafermos
Evaluation of financial performance of ethical unit trusts Professor Robert Luther
Financial accounting Dr Ismail Misirlioglu
Financial markets Professor Jon Tucker 
Financial statement analysis Professor Jon Tucker
Income distribution Dr Yannis Dafermos
Inflation accounting Dr Ismail Misirlioglu
International financial reporting Dr Ismail Misirlioglu
Macroeconomic policy Dr Yannis Dafermos
Management accounting in developing countries Professor Robert Luther
Pensions accounting Dr Ismail Misirlioglu
Risk measurement Professor Cherif Guermat  
Stock market volatility Professor Cherif Guermat 


Banking and finance Dr Jo Michell
Banking in C19th Ireland Dr Philip Ollerenshaw
China Dr Jo Michell 
Data security and data access Dr Felix Ritchie
Decision making governance Dr Felix Ritchie
Demographic change Dr Hilary Drew
Drug and alcohol policies Dr Felix Ritchie
Earnings and incentivisation Dr Felix Ritchie
Economic and business history Dr Philip Ollerenshaw
Economic development Dr Ian Smith
Economic geography Professor Don Webber
Economic situation in Kosovo James Korovilas
Economics of happiness and wellbeing Damian Whittard
Eurozone Dr Jo Michell
Evidence-based policy-making Dr Felix Ritchie
Feminist economy Dr Danielle Guizzo Archela 
German political economy Dr Gunter Walzenbach
History of economic thought Dr Danielle Guizzo Archela
Income distribution Dr Jo Michell
Institutional Economics Dr Nadia Vanteeva
  Dr Peter Bradley
Latest Macroeconomic statistics Damian Whittard
Local and regional economy Anthony Plumridge
  Professor Don Webber
  Damian Whittard
Low pay Dr Hilary Drew
Minimum and living wages Dr Felix Ritchie
Philosophy of economics Dr Danielle Guizzo Archela
Political Economy Dr Danielle Guizzo Archela
Privacy and confidentiality Felix Ritchie
Productivity, worker and firm level Professor Don Webber
Russia's economic development Dr Nadia Vanteeva 
Teaching economics Dr Danielle Guizzo Archela


Behaviour change Dr Fiona Spotswood
Big data Dr Janet Carruthers
Branding and luxury goods Dr Janet Carruthers
Food Marketing Dr Fiona Spotswood
Children's materialism Dr Fiona Spotswood
Corporate communications Dr Sara Spear
Corporate identity Dr Sara Spear
Critical Marketing Dr Fiona Spotswood
Customer Relationship Marketing Dr Janet Carruthers 
Dark tourism Dr Janet Carruthers
Digital methodologies Dr Yvette Morey
Fashion marketing and buying decisions Dr Janet Carruthers
Food marketing Dr Fiona Spotswood
Marketing communications Dr Janet Carruthers 
  Tom Bowen-Green 
Online communities and behaviours Dr Yvette Morley
Physical activity and obesity Dr Fiona Spotswood
Relationship marketing Dr Sara Spear
Services marketing Dr Janet Carruthers
Social marketing and behaviour change Dr Janet Carruthers 
Social marketing Dr Yvette Morey
Sustainability Dr Janet Carruthers

Trade and Industry

Hair and beauty industry Dr Harriet Shortt 


Gender equality and diversity in organisations Professor Hazel Conley
Gender pay gap Professor Hazel Conley
Health and employment transitions Professor Don Webber
HR career trajectories Dr Hilary Drew
Labour markets and employment Professor Stephanie Tailby
Leadership Dr Doris Schedlitzki
Leadership learning and development identity Dr Doris Schedlitzki 
Minimum and living wage Professor Felix Ritchie
Partnership at work Professor Stephanie Tailby
Public sector equality duty Professor Hazel Conley

Industrial Relations

Human rights Christien van den Anker
Industry government relationship Professor Cherif Guermat  
Industrial relations Professor Stephanie Tailby 
Partnership at work Professor Stephanie Tailby 

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