Datastream Advance Setup

The first time you use Datastream Advance (or the Datastream add-in for Excel), you will need to enter the Datastream user name and password.

Set up the Datastream connection

  1. Launch Datastream Advance
    Datastream Advance shortcut
  2. From the menu select 'Tools > Configure Communications...'
    Datastream Advance: 'Configure Communications'
  3. Enter the user name and password as:
    User name: XBPY101
    Password: CUSTOMER
    Datastream Advance: Enter login user name and password
  4. Click the 'Communications' tab and then the 'Config' button
    Datastream connection settings
  5. Enter 423 in the 'Port' field and click 'OK'
    Datastream port setting
  6. Datastream should now be able to connect
    ('Tools > Connect Now' from the menu)

For more help, please see the Datastream Advance help page.

Set up the Excel add-in

You will need to tell Excel where the Datastream add-in is located.

  1. Launch Excel
  2. From the 'File' menu (top left corner) select 'Options'Datastream Excel add-in: Select Excel Options 
  3. Select 'Add-Ins' from the left hand panel and then click the 'Go...' button
    Datastream Excel add-in: Manage Excel Add-ins
  4. Click the 'Browse...' button in the 'Add-Ins' window:
    Datastream Add-ins: Browse to the file
    and browse to:
    'Computer > Data (D:) > datastream > AdvanceOffice.xlam'
    Select the file and click 'OK' 
    Datastream Excel add-in: Browse to 'AdvanceOffice' add-in file
  5. 'Advance Office 2007' should now be added to the list of add-ins. Make sure it is ticked and click 'OK'
    Datastream Excel add-in: Check add-in is ticked 

The 'Datastream' tab should now be visible in Excel (you'll need to set up the Datastream connection to use the tab).

Datastream tab in Excel

For more help, please see the Datastream Advance help page.

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