Datastream Advance

What is it?

Datastream Advance is an international database which provides a range of statistical, financial and graphical information. It covers the following:

  • Public companies listed on the world's stock markets from 1960s onwards. No private companies are covered.
  • Equity indices from 1960s onwards.
  • Economics datasets for over 150 countries from 1950s onwards. 
  • The Datastream Content Coverage guide gives more detail about the content which if offered on Datastream. While the Datastream Data Quality guide looks at how Datastream maintains the quality of the data.

The 'Advance for Office' software can download the information into an Excel spreadsheet, and, as long as you have a Datastream connection, you can update the information within your spreadsheet.

Where is it?

Datastream can only be used on one computer within the Frenchay Library. The computer is on Level 3 of the Library near staircase 7.

How do I use it?

To be sure of being able to use it when you want to, we would recommend that you book it via either the HelpZone desk on Level 2 of Frenchay Library, or the contact the Library page.

If you have not used it before, you may like to book a training session with a Librarian via the contact the Library page.

Datastream help

  • The help menu within Datastream provides access to the manuals and definitions used.
  • The Datastream Navigator provides the codes you need. Help for the Navigator can be found under the help button when you have loaded the Navigator within Datastream.
  • The Datastream Training site provides self-paced online training. You will need to enter your UWE Bristol email address to register for the training.
  • Datastream Certification training is also available via the training site. This would be a useful addition to your CV. Their OnDemand training allows you to learn at your desktop at your own pace. A final assessment will prove your knowledge to peers and future employers

Datastream manuals and guides

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