Guest access to databases

UWE Bristol is passionate about widening participation and community engagement. That’s why we have made available a selection of online databases to members of the public, and students and staff from local schools and colleges. The databases typically contain journal articles and/or statistical datasets.

24 October 2019 update: Guest access to databases is currently unavailable due to ongoing technical issues. We are working to restore access as soon as possible.


Guest access to databases is available from all UWE Bristol campus libraries. Access to the computers may be limited during busy times. 

What databases are available?

We recommend that you check what databases are available for guest access before you visit the library as not all database providers permit use of their databases by members of the public.

No access to Microsoft Office, Internet, email, or printing

Due to licensing restrictions, members of the public are not permitted to use Microsoft Office software (e.g. Word, Excel) or connect to the Internet (other than to connect to the listed databases) on the guest access computers. It is also not possible to print using guest access.

Registering to use the service

  • Register in person at the library help desk.
  • If you are 18 or over you will be asked to complete the acceptable use policy.
  • If you are aged 16 or 17 you will be asked to complete the acceptable use policy for students aged 16 or 17 and get the form counter-signed by a parent, guardian, teacher or school librarian. 
  • Proof of identity and address is required.
  • Please bring your section of the acceptable use policy with you on every visit.

Guest access at other universities

You can find other universities offering a similar service by consulting the directory of institutions providing walk-in access to e-resources in the South West (PDF)

(The directory was produced as a result of funding given to UWE Bristol Library Services by the South Western Regional Library Service.)

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