Visiting other libraries

Access arrangements to public and university libraries vary, and you are advised to check in advance of your visit.

Search other library catalogues

Almost all public and university libraries have a free-to-search catalogue. UWE Bristol Library has compiled a list of recommended library catalogues.

Other university libraries

UWE Bristol students and staff can access most other UK university libraries through the SCONUL Access Scheme.

To join this scheme, you will need to apply online before visiting the library you wish to join. You will need to be in good standing with UWE Bristol Library at the time of your application with no overdue books or fines.


UWE Bristol participates in the Eduroam service, so staff and students from UWE Bristol visiting other universities can access their wireless internet.

Public libraries

You can use any public library to borrow books, or just as a place to study. In addition, you can use your UWE Bristol ID card to register with, and borrow from, any public library within the LibrariesWest region. (LibrariesWest comprises: Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North-East Somerset, North Somerset, and Somerset.)

All public libraries in the LibrariesWest region offer access to a range of online resources which may include: Zinio, a collection of online magazines; Access to Research, a collection of academic journals and their contents; and Newsbank, a collection of UK daily and weekly newspapers. To find out more about what resources are available, search online resources, or go to any public library in your area.

NHS libraries

Many UWE Bristol students are eligible for full access to NHS libraries (including access to electronic resources through NHS Athens). If you are not sure if you qualify, you should enquire for clarification from either your local NHS library service (see below) or contact us. This service usually applies to students on health and applied sciences courses which involve clinical practice and placements within NHS services.

To apply for library membership, contact the appropriate library. These include:

See also the full list of Health Libraries in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

NHS Athens

If you are an eligible UWE Bristol student in the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, you will automatically receive a registration email giving you your NHS Athens username and password to enable access to electronic databases and other resources used within the NHS.

For more information please refer to the logging in to databases via NHS Athens: FAQs.

British Library (London)

The British Library in London is a research Library, not a public reference library. Admission is by reader's pass and access is only granted to those who can demonstrate that they need to consult material not available elsewhere. Registering for a BL Reader Pass.

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