Write a data access statement

Data access statements are used in publications to describe where data directly supporting the published paper can be found, and under what circumstances they can be accessed. Statements are required by many funders,  as part of their data management and open-access policies.

Some journals provide a section for a data access statement, however where this is not the case you should still include a statement in your manuscript.

A data access statement should include:

  • The name of the data repository where the data is held, and any persistent identifiers (e.g. a DOI) for the data set.
  • Any ethical or commercial reasons why the data is not openly available.
  • Instructions on how to request data that is not openly available.
  • Any specific terms of re-use.

It is not sufficient to suggest that interested parties contact the author for access to data.

Sample data access statements

Open data

"All data cited in this paper are available from [name of data repository, and persistent identifier]"

"All data supporting this paper are provided as supplementary information accompanying this paper."

Secondary use of data

"This paper was based on data already available from [insert location and any persistent identifier e.g. a DOI]"

"This paper was based on existing data obtained under license. Details of how the data were obtained can be found at UWE Bristol Data Repository at [insert URL]"

Restricted data

"Because of [ethical, commercial, other] sensitivity issues, supporting data is not openly available. Further information about the data, and conditions for access, can be found at the UWE Bristol Data Repository at [insert URL]"

"Supporting data will be available from [insert data repository and persistent identifier] after a 6 month embargo period, to allow for commercialisation of findings"

"Because of confidentiality agreements, supporting data can only be made available to researchers on acceptance of a non-disclosure agreement. Details of how to request access are available from UWE Bristol Data Repository at [insert URL].

No new data

"No new data were created during this research."

Multiple datasets

If the underlying data is held in a variety of locations, it might be appropriate to cite each datasets, including a persistent identifier, individually and direct readers to the references, eg

"This paper is supported by multiple datasets which are available at locations cited in the reference section."

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