Working with a data repository

Deposit processes vary depending on the research data repository, so you will have to consult the relevant repository's web pages or contact them directly to find out the detail. This should be done as close to the start of a project as possible.

Some repositories allow free deposit and access, while others charge a fee to maintain, share, and access data. Any relevant costs should be established at the start of the project, or ideally before the project starts, so that necessary funding for data preservation can be established.

As far as possible, digital research data should be preserved in formats which do not require specialist software to read them.  The easiest way to ensure long term accessibility to research data is to store it in standard file formats which are non-proprietary eg using CSV files instead of Microsoft Excel. Some useful examples of formats for long term preservation are provided by the UK Data Archive.

Research data repositories will have their own requirements about how research data is presented for preservation and accessibility. You should contact your data repository to see what is required as early on in the project as possible, especially if data is to be collected and used in one format, and converted to another for preservation.

All research data repositories will require some form of documentation or metadata to describe the research data but the format will differ between resources and data repositories.

Your options at UWE Bristol

UWE Bristol Research Data Repository

If data cannot be placed in a national or subject data repository, it might be possible to use the UWE Bristol Research Data Repository. This can accept metadata relating to datasets, and in some cases, where the data can be shared without restriction, the datasets themselves. There is video guidance available, but if you would like to use this service, please contact the Library's Research Support Team first.


UWE Bristol Library, RBI, and IT Services have worked together to provide long term, restricted access data storage for research data which cannot be openly shared.  This service is provided by Arkivum and access is managed by the Library Research Support team. Please contact for more information.

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