Decide what research data to preserve

Guidance on how to decide what data to preserve including a research data evaluation guide.

As a starting point, give some thought to these six questions:

  • Does your funder or the University need you to keep this data and/ or make it available for a certain amount of time?
  • Are you required to keep this data by law, regulation, or professional standards?
  • Does this data constitute the 'vital records' of a project, organisation, or consortium, and therefore need to be retained for a defined period?
  • Do you have legal and intellectual property rights to keep and re-use the data? If not, can it be negotiated?
  • Does sufficient documentation and descriptive information (metadata) exist to explain how to find the data or record, wherever it ends up being stored?
  • If you need to pay to store the data, can you afford it?

Research data evaluation guide and data evaluation checklist

Based on guidance from the Digital Curation Centre, NERC and Bristol University, this guide and checklist offers advice to help you evaluate the long term value of your research data.

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