Decide what research data to keep and share, or discard.

Information on how to conduct data appraisal including deciding what to keep, share or discard.

Increasingly there are research funder requirements surrounding long-term research data preservation and, sometimes, sharing. Even if your research was not funded by an external body, you should still give careful consideration to the long term value of your data.  

It is, however, not practical, desirable or, in some cases, permissible to preserve and share all research data.  Deciding which data to preserve, and what level of access to allow (if any),  or which data should be disposed of, can be difficult especially where there are ethical or commercial considerations.

The following information will help you to decide what data to keep, and the extent to which it can be shared.

Deciding what data to preserve

Guidance and information regarding data preservation.

Deciding access levels to data

Guidance on deciding what data can be shared.

Deciding what research data to discard

Guidance on deciding what data to discard, and how to discard it safely.

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