Preserving, sharing, and disposing of your research data

Information on how and where to preserve research data, and how to write a data access statement for research publications.

For many funders, long-term data preservation and sharing (where appropriate) is increasingly becoming a requirement. You need to decide what data to preserve, and where, and to what extent it can be shared. Equally it is sometimes necessary to safely dispose of your research data.

Understand the requirements

Find out what your funder and UWE Bristol says about data preservation and sharing.

Decide where and how to preserve your data

Guidance on choosing and working with a data repository.

Decide what data to preserve or discard

Guidance on how to choose data for long-term preservation, and data for disposal.

Get your data ready for preservation and sharing.

Guidance on how to prepare your data for long-term preservation and sharing.

Write a data access statement

Guidance on how to fulfil your funder's requirements regarding the publishing process.

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