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Managing Research Data: a pilot project in Health and Life Sciences

You are invited to take part in a project which is being funded by JISC and actively supported by the University. The aim of the project will be to develop a data management system which is transparent and usable by teacher and practitioner researchers, and which is appropriate to a post 1992 institution. You are being invited to participate because data from your research project contributes to the range of variables we are seeking to cover. The experience and deliverables of the project will be shared with the wider JISC and HE communities.

Working with selected research projects within the CRIB and CHCR research centres within HLS, the objectives of the project are

  • To assist researchers to plan their optimum approach to the management and curation of research data across a wide range of data types.
  • To develop models which address the research data management needs of these projects.
  • To develop suitable processes, infrastructure and guidance in keeping with administrative processes of the university, and which fulfil the needs of our researchers.
  • To integrate the MRD system with our existing Research Repository.
  • To establish the groundwork for good research data management practice to become embedded in the research life cycle at UWE.
  • To develop tools to guide and enable researchers to develop good practice in research data management.


Through interviews and discussion the models of data management from previous JISC projects will be used to assist researchers to identify data management activities based on their requirements, and those of their funders. Second we will develop administrative protocols and processes appropriate to the internal procedures of the university for the sensible and efficient administration of MRD within the university as a whole. We will apply the processes to the sample data and projects to test their viability, evaluate their success, and revise as necessary. This cycle can be repeated, and forms the heart of the project. Researcher involvement in this process is critical to its success. We will then develop guidance and training materials for researchers to refer to and utilise for ongoing management of research data.

What we will ask of you

Researchers who take part in this study will have interviews with the Project Officer so that we can gain an understanding of the type of data you are working with, the context of your research, and your ideas about appropriate data management planning. The length of time needed for this will depend on the complexity of the project and the data. Further discussions will need to take place to test and validate the effectiveness of the processes we develop. We will also ask some researchers to take part in user testing of the guidance and training tools. While we will adhere to ethical practice throughout we cannot, given the scale of the project, guarantee absolute anonymity for participants.

What’s in it for you?

Good data needs good management for many reasons. Involvement in this project will enable you to develop the sound data curation practices which are increasingly required by funders, publishers and collaborators. Some of the benefits will be to keep data safe, to facilitate data sharing (as appropriate), to provide data storage space, to save time and increase output, and to ensure data integrity.

Thank you

Jenni Crossley and Judith Stewart (R&KE Librarians)
0117 3282840

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