Outputs: work packages 1 and 2

research studio

The case study incorporates the approach used, the findings, the lessons learned, recommendations and areas for adopting or adapting by others. The seven key stages identified in the case study are illustrated in a seven stage roadmap, summarised below.

Stage 1: approach

UWE case study Research project selection approach Building on previous JISC MRD projects DCC tools 

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Stage 2: outputs (early)

Launch poster Researcher information sheet Researcher presentation Previous projects review
RDM mindmap Benefits matrix DCC cardio maturity model Researcher questionnaire

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Stage 3: stakeholder engagement

Researcher briefings Questionnaire Wider UWE discussions

Research Director
Project Team Yammer

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Stage 4: outputs (interim)

Questionnaire analysis Researcher interview schedule Discussion toolkit

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Stage 5: stakeholder engagement

Researcher interviews Researcher Yammer Maturity as-is analysis

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Stage 6: outputs (models)

UWE RDM administrative infrastructure EPrints requirements Guidance and training needs
Maturity benchmark Target operating model (TOM) Positioning paper

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Stage 7: next steps

Work package 3: test cycles pilot plan / timetable Work package 4: guidance and training
Iterative maturity measuring and TOM refinement RDM strategy and commitment: vision principles


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