There are many decisions to make about managing your data before you even start creating or collecting it. Decisions made at the beginning (or as early as possible) will affect how you can access, use or preserve your data in the future.

Before creating your data, follow guidance on:

  • Data Management for Funding Bids 
    What funders expect for data management planning, how data planning can affect your bidding process and budget.
  • Data Management Planning
    What to include in your data planning and how to get started on a data management plan.
  • Choosing Formats
    Help on choosing file formats and how your choice affects the usability and long term readability of files.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
    Links to resources that will help you make sure you can use your data and research products flexibly and legally.
  • Data Protection
    Information on the security and protection of your research inputs and outputs.
  • Ethics
    Information on ethics approval, informed consent and sharing or publishing sensitive or confidential material.

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