Managing Research Data:
a pilot project in Health and Life Sciences

The UWE MRD project sought to scope the challenges of establishing structures and processes to enable research data management for researchers in a modern university, and offer some working solutions to these. Working with researchers in two sample research centres, and with research managers supporting the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, the project produced tools to inform and assist the administrative flows required for managing research data. They include several valuable tools for institutional or departmental self-assessment and planning, and online resources providing guidance and information.

While Library-led, the project emphasised the cross-university dependencies associated with sound research data management, and involved librarians, research administrators and IT specialists as well as academic staff actively engaged in research, and those with a role in research governance and integrity.

Project background

Information on the JISC programme, the research centres involved in the project, the project proposal and project plan.

Aims and objectives

The fundamental aim and six objectives of the project which include delivery of a data management system to meet the data management needs of two research centres in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

Methodology and timeline

Information on the project's six work packages and timescales.

Project outputs

Completed projected outputs and information on future outputs.

Outcomes and impact

How the project will benefit UWE and the wider HEI community.

Project team

Roles and contact details for the project team.


Details of the 'Raising your ReDMan: Approaches to Research Data Management' conference 23 May 2012.


Presentations by the UWE project team at related events.


Details of the 'Reskilling Librarians Workshop' 29 January 2013.


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