How to deposit

Guide to adding your work to the UWE Bristol Research Repository.

To help with uploading research outputs to the UWE Bristol Research Repository, a video is available to guide you through the process:

Basic written guidance follows below, please see item type guidance for specific information on depositing different item types:

1. Login to PIMS and go to the 'Outputs' tab.

2. Click 'Add New Output' to upload a new output to PIMS and the repository.

There are four ways of uploading:

  • Add by DOI – if you have the DOI of your output (usually this will only apply to journal articles). This should autofill some of the metadata fields for you.
  • Upload Output File – if you have the PDF file of your output. Select the file, file type, and output type. This should autofill some of the metadata fields for you, but results can vary.
  • Add Outputs manually – manually add in the information about your output.
  • Upload BibTex/RIS – if you have a BibTex file for your output. This should autofill some of the metadata fields for you. We have a guide for producing and uploading a BibTex file that can help with this option. 

However you add your new output you will be presented with a page that requires you to fill in details about your item. Some of these may already be filled in.

Fields with an asterisk are mandatory and the system will not let you proceed until you have added in the information.

Fields to note:

  • Type: Choose the type of output you are uploading and, where required, a sub-type as well.
  • Publication Status: If your output has been accepted for publication but not yet published online use 'Accepted'. If your output has been accepted and published online use 'In Press'.
  • Acceptance Date: This does not have an asterisk but is mandatory for some item types.
  • Open Access: If your output has been published open access, or you are uploading the full text to the Research Repository, please select 'Yes'.
  • Open Access Details: If you selected 'Yes' to the Open Access field then you are also required by Worktribe to enter information here. Please add some very brief details about how the output is open access e.g. "Published gold open access with a Creative Commons license" or "Uploaded accepted manuscript to repository".
  • Open Access Type: If you selected 'Yes' to the Open Access field then you are also required by Worktribe to enter information here. Select 'Green Route' if you are uploading your output to the repository but it has not been published open access by the publisher. Select 'Gold Route' if your output has been published under a Creative Commons license by the publisher after payment of an Article Processing Charge (APC.)
  • Org Unit: Enter your UWE Bristol department. The system does not mark this as a mandatory field, but it is required for reporting.
  • Research Centres/Groups: Enter your UWE Bristol research centres.

You are not required to enter information for every field but please ensure you include relevant information for your item type.

3. Click 'Create Output' to proceed.

4. Add any authors of the output. You can add multiple authors at once by clicking the 'Add Multiple' button and putting in a list of authors.

For any UWE Bristol authors – add them as a linked person in the 'Linked Person' field. Start typing their name and choose them from the list when they appear. This is required for outputs to appear in the publications list of all the UWE Bristol authors on an output.

5. Add any affiliations in the 'Linked Affiliations' field. Start typing the name of the institution and choose it from the list when it appears.

6. Click 'Update'.

7. Add any contributors to the output in the same way that you added authors. Choose their contributor role from the 'Role' list (this includes roles such as editors, rights holders, performers and translators.) Please do not list all the authors in this section. Authors need to be listed in the 'Authors' tab. 

8. Click 'Update'. This takes you to further information that needs to be added. Your output has not been deposited at this point.

9. Before you can deposit you will need to address any tabs that have a red square (highlighting a field that needs to be completed.) You can edit all the fields on a tab at once by clicking the blue 'Edit' button, or edit one field at a time using the pencil icon next to the field.

Worktribe requires at least one funder to be entered for every output. This is done on the 'Funders' tab. Please select your funder from the list.

If your work was not funded by an external body, use 'UWE Bristol University of the West of England'. If your work was funded by a previous institution, use 'Previous institution (please specify)' and list the institution in the 'Notes' field. If your funder is not listed, or your work was funded by any other means, use 'Other (please specify)' and provide details in the 'Notes' field.

10. While not mandatory, we advise you to upload the full text of your output wherever possible. This should be be the author's accepted manuscript, which is the version most often stipulated by publishers for use in repositories. To upload the full text go to the 'Files' tab and click 'Add New File'. You can click to upload a file, or drag a file directly into the 'File' box. Fill in the mandatory fields and click 'Update'. For more information please see the depositing frequently asked questions.

11. Once all mandatory fields have been filled in the 'Deposit' button will turn green and you will be able to deposit. Please note that your output will not be deposited - and therefore not reviewed by the Repository Team - until you have completed mandatory fields and pressed the 'Deposit' button. You can confirm that your output has been deposited by checking the status, which will change from 'In Progress' to 'In Review' once it has been successfully deposited.

Before depositing:

  • Ensure you have included your department and research centres in 'Org Unit' and 'Research Centres/Groups' respectively. We will return your output to you for more information if you do not fill in these fields.
  • Ensure you have uploaded a file on the 'Files' tab. In most cases this should be the author’s accepted manuscript (unless the output is published under a Creative Commons license, in which case it can be the final published version.) This is required for journal articles and some conference papers in order to be eligible for submission to REF 2021.
  • Ensure you have added all UWE Bristol authors as a linked person in the 'Authors' tab.

Click 'Deposit' once you are sure you have checked all the points above. This will change the status of the output from 'In Progress' to 'In Review'. Repository staff will only review outputs when they are 'In Review'.

Please note: once you have deposited an output and the status has changed to 'In Review' you can no longer make edits to that output. You will need to send any requests for changes to the Repository Team, who will edit the record on your behalf. If you wish to return to an output and make further changes before depositing it, then do not press the 'Deposit' button.

Finding an output to continue editing it:

  • If you have created an output but have not deposited it, you can find it under 'Assigned To Me' in the 'Outputs' tab.
  • Click on the title of the output to resume editing.
  • Once all edits have been made and you have filled in all the mandatory fields, click 'Deposit' to send the output to Repository staff to review.

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