Accessing UWE Bristol Research Repository

Information and access to the Project Information and Management System (PIMS) and the UWE Bristol Research Repository.

Deposit and browse research outputs

Known issues

As with the introduction of any new system we have encountered some issues, which are in the process of being resolved.

  • We are aware of a number of postgraduate researchers who cannot access PIMS. There are issues arising due to a number of them having both Student and Staff login details, which aren’t always reflected in PIMS. We suggest logging in to your device as either Staff or Student, then using that login to try and access PIMS using the University’s single sign on service. If that account doesn’t work, follow the same process with your other account. If both of these fail, contact the Repository team who will investigate further.
  • Staff profiles - publication lists on staff profiles now display the ten most recently published outputs rather than a full list of publications for the staff member. This is due to the long loading times that were required to generate the publication list for staff with lots of publications. A link to a staff member's full list of publications on the UWE Bristol Research Repository is available at the top of the publication list.
  • Access to PIMS - UWE Bristol staff who are not able to login to PIMS using their UWE Bristol username and password should contact the Repository Team by emailing This is due to not all UWE Bristol staff being imported into the system as users.

How to deposit

Information on how to deposit, including a downloadable guide and video is available to help with depositing research outputs and theses.

If you wish to deposit a research dataset please visit the UWE Bristol Data Repository

Item type guidance 

Information on what needs to be considered when depositing various outputs, including theses and copyright.


The repository team offer training on using the Research Repository, complying with Research England requirements for the REF and other funder policies.

Depositing FAQs 

Information to help answer frequently asked questions regarding depositing research outputs.

General Repository FAQs

Information to help answer frequently asked questions.

Repository policies

Information about policies regarding the use of metadata and full text.

Open research glossary 

Information on terms used in open access publishing.

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