E-book accessibility guidance

How to adjust the settings from an e-book provider to make it more accessible.

UWE Bristol Library e-books are available through different online platforms. These platforms offer a range of features to make e-books more accessible for disabled readers. Which features are available, and how to use them, can differ between platforms.

Contact us if you have trouble with the accessibility of an e-book.

Accessibility guidance

Accessibility guidance can commonly be found in an accessibility statement or within the help or "how to" pages. Links to this guidance can often be found at the top or bottom of the webpage.

Read the accessibility guidance for the most widely-used eBook platforms:

Common features offered by e-book platforms

  • Compatibility with
    • screen reading software
    • text-to-speech software
  • Magnification
  • Navigation
  • Keyboard alternatives
  • Background/contrast choices
  • Searching
  • Notes
  • Bookmarking
  • Highlighting

Using text-to-speech software with e-books

Text-to-speech software isn't always fully compatible with e-books when viewed online. If you find your software doesn't work, you could try:

  • Try downloading the e-book.
  • When viewing online, try features such as "scan from screen" in ClaroRead Plus or Screenshot Reader to scan the text and make it readable.
  • Try a different reader or internet browser.
  • Try to copy and paste a section of the text into a Word document.
  • If none of these work, contact us for help making the text more accessible.

Further help

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