Assistive-technology study spaces in the library

All UWE Bristol campus libraries have an assistive software on all student network computers. Plus there is a dedicated assistive technology room or computer that you can use for study, either alone or with a support worker.

What technology is available?

The assistive technology provided by UWE Bristol Libraries includes the following:

  • Bookable PCs
  • Adjustable furniture
  • Task lighting
  • Handheld video magnifiers
  • High visibility keyboards
  • Coloured paper for printing
  • Assistive software
    • SuperNova Magnifier and Speech
    • ClaroRead text-to-speech  
    • Mindview mind-mapping

Not all assistive technology is available at each campus library. Contact your campus library for more information.

Accessing the study spaces


3D31, Assistive Technology room. This can be booked via MyPC.

Book the Assistive Technology room

Other quiet study spaces

  • 5D7: This is a small room accessed via the main study floor with 12 study spaces and PCs. This is suitable for silent study only.
  • 5D19: This is a silent study room for bringing your own laptop or borrowing a library laptop. Our loanable laptops have a design software build.
  • Silent study pods (Level 5, Zone B): Individual pods on our silent floor, which can help concentration.

Group study

Height-adjustable desks

  • Level 2: Two desks located by the Print Hub which can be booked via MyPC. These are PC numbers 2D59 Machine 08 and Machine 09.
  • Level 3: Four desks located in Zone B. Zone B is closest to the IT Support Centre. Two additional desks are located in the Assistive Technology room (3D31).
  • Level 4: Two desks with PCs located in Zone C.
  • Level 5: Eight desks located in Zone D. Four of these can be booked via MyPC. Look for the PCs titled Zone D 37, 38, 39, 40.

View the Frenchay Library accessibility floor plan to see the location of the height-adjustable desks.

The Works Learning Zone

There are four height-adjustable tables (sit to stand) in The Works (2F03). These are PC numbers: 9, 16, 17, and 24. These can be booked via MyPC. 

Book a computer


1D004, Assistive Technology room. This can be booked via MyPC. 

Book a computer

Bower Ashton Library, City Campus

A dedicated assistive technology computer is available.

There are also a number of height-adjustable desks available which are located in the alcoves and north wing. Some of these can be booked via MyPC. Contact us for further information.

Alexandra Warehouse Library (Gloucester Docks)

A dedicated assistive-technology computer with height-adjustable desk is available.

Help using the assistive technology

Training is available for all the assistive technology offered by UWE Bristol.

To make an appointment please contact us.

Further support

Read our guide to the accessibility of each campus library.

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