Advice on buying books

Your tutors may recommend that you purchase a core text for particular modules or programmes.  This is usually because you are going to use the same book regularly.  Below are some useful tips on buying your own text books.

(Remember, the library will stock other books and journals that will help you read round the subject, even if the exact book you want isn't available.)

Buy new

It's worth trying a number of suppliers - prices can vary a greal deal:

Buy second-hand

Some suggestions for finding second-hand books:

  • AbeBooks (includes a buy-back option)
  • Amazon (second-hand prices are listed with new prices, if available)
  • Blackwells online (second-hand prices are listed with new prices, if available) 
  • Ebay
  • Bristol second-hand book shops

Buy as a group

Have you considered purchasing text books as a group?


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