Library fines

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Why do I have a library fine?

Fines start to accrue when a recalled item becomes overdue and continue to increase until the item is returned, whereupon the fine can be paid.

The fines vary according to the length of loan (see overdue charges below).

You are responsible for the items borrowed with your ID card and you will be charged for any that are overdue, damaged, lost or stolen. Books can be very expensive and you could face a large bill for their replacement.

If you would like to discuss your library account please contact your campus library.

How to pay fines

Paying fines on returned or renewed items

You can pay fines on returned or renewed items by logging into your library account and paying online. There is no minimum payment.

Accruing fines for items still on loan

You can't pay accruing fines. You can only pay fines once your overdue items are returned or renewed.

Block on borrowing and renewing

If you have more than £5 in unpaid or accruing fines, you will be blocked from borrowing or renewing items. Return your overdue items and pay the fines, or contact the library for assistance. 

Invoice for overdue items

If an item is exceptionally overdue, you will be sent an 'invoice for overdue items'. You must discuss, or pay, the invoice with the library that issued the invoice.

What if I lose or damage a book?

If you have lost or damaged an item, please contact the library where it was issued (details will be on your check-out receipt). They will send you an invoice for the item.

If you find a lost book within 3 months of paying for it, then you will be entitled to a refund, upon production of your till receipt.

We are unable to accept replacement copies of items that have been lost or damaged.

What if I have a good reason for not returning my books?

Please see our library fines exceptions policy for further details.

If you know in advance that you will be unable to bring your books back in time, you may be able to renew them to avoid incurring fines. See renewing.

Overdue charges

Type of loan Fine (per day) Maximum fine per item
Recalled item 35p £10
Inter-library loan 35p £10
24-hour laptop loan 35p per hour or part hour £20
Anatomical models 35p £10


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