ERC bookshelf


Please read our COVID-19 service update for library users.


Find out how many items you can borrow and for how long. Self-issue machines are available at every library.


Find out more about how to return your books.


Renew items at the library or online.

Library fines

Find out how much it costs if you return items late. You can pay library fines online.

Recall and reserve items / transfer items from another campus

Reserve items that are currently on-loan to someone else or get them transferred from another campus library.

Request items be put aside, posted or photocopied

The library can put items aside for you to collect, post them to you or photocopy them.

Obtain material not held by UWE Bristol

Even if UWE Bristol library doesn’t have a copy of the book or journal article you need, the library can obtain it for you from another library.

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