Women's History Month at the Library

Details of our planned activities for International Women's Day and Women's History Month.

Reading lists

We've collated these resource collections to showcase our physical and digital library collections. Delve in to discover your new favourite book or film, and find out more about women's history.

Book giveaways

Our Women's History book giveaway has now been postponed.

Our very popular book giveaway is back this year. All you need to do is follow us on Instagram and keep an eye on our Story. We'll post clues that show where we've hidden these books in our libraries (and occasionally around campus). You just need to follow the trail and be the first to find the book, then it's yours to keep. If you find one, please post a picture and tag us in it @uwelibrary

The book giveaway takes place across all of our campus libraries: Alexandra Warehouse (Gloucester Docks), Bower Ashton, Frenchay and Glenside.

Our titles for this year are:

  • Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez
    Imagine a world where your phone is too big for your hand, where your doctor prescribes a drug that is wrong for your body, where in a car accident you are 47% more likely to be seriously injured, where every week the countless hours of work you do are not recognised or values. If any of this sounds familiar, chances are that you're a woman. Invisible Women shows us how, in a world largely built for and by men, we are systematically ignoring half the population. It exposes the gender data gap - a gap in our knowledge that is at the root of perpetual, systemic discrimination against women, and that has created a pervasive but invisible bias with a profound effect on women's lives.
  • Kindred by Octavia E. Butler
    In 1976, Dana dreams of being a writer. In 1815, she is assumed a slave. When Dana first meets Rufus on a Maryland plantation, he's drowning. She saves his life - and it will happen again and again. Neither of them understands his power to summon her when his life is threatened, nor the significance of the ties that bind them. And each time Dana saves him, the more aware she is that her own life might be over before it's even begun.
  • The Power by Naomi Alderman
    All over the world women are discovering they have the power. With a flick of the fingers they can inflict terrible pain - even death. Suddenly every man on the planet finds they've lost control. The day of the girls has arrived - but where will it end?
  • The Suffragettes (Penguin Classics)
    This is the story of the women who changed the world, told through speeches, pamphlets, posters, newspaper articles and letters.
  • Women & Power: A Manifesto by Mary Beard
    Britain's best known classicist Mary Beard, is also a committed and vocal feminist. In Women & Power she revisits the gender agenda and shows how history has treated powerful women, using examples ranging from the classical world to the modern day. beard explores the cultural underpinnings of misogyny, considering the public voice of women, our cultural assumptions about women's relationship with power, and how powerful women resist being packaged into a male template. A year on since the advent of #MeToo, in a new Afterword, Beard reflects on the successes, and the future, of that movement, probing the narratives of rape and consent. She asks about the stories men tell themselves to justify their treatment of women. Which stories endure and who controls them? With wry wit, Beard argues, it's time for change.
  • The Women Who Built Bristol 1184-2018 by Jane Duffus
    Containing 250 inspiring women, three sheroic dogs and one heartbroken barmaid from Easton. This is a bursting compendium of brilliant women who helped shape Bristol into the vibrant city it is today. From pin makers to police chiefs, from workhouse inmates to secret agents, this book celebrates the women who built Bristol.

Book display

Our International Women's Day book display will be on Level 2, Frenchay Library. Find it next to our help pods.

UWE Bristol International Women's Day celebrations

There are currently no upcoming events

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