How to deposit FAQs

What research can I include in the repository?

The Research Repository does not solely contain research being considered for the REF. Any relevant research you have produced can be added. It does not necessarily have to be carried out exclusively at UWE Bristol. Any research that you want to appear on your publication list on your staff profile must also be added to the repository.

Who is eligible to deposit?

Current UWE Bristol employees, others by arrangement.

What about co-authored papers?

Co-authored papers can be deposited providing one of the authors is a UWE Bristol researcher. However, the depositing author must check with co-authors that they are happy for the item to be deposited. Co-authors at other universities are free to deposit in their own repository as well.

If I have co-authored a paper with other UWE Bristol authors, do we all need to add this paper to the repository?

No, only one author needs to add any given item to the Repository. Be sure to include the other author's names and email addresses in the appropriate field, in the order they appear on the publication. You may wish to decide between you who will be responsible for uploading the item.

Can I deposit items from previous employment?

Yes. You are welcome to add research output from previous employments to the Research Repository.

What about copyright?

We can often make a version of the work available, even if you transfered the copyright to a publisher. For more information, see our copyright advice page.

What types of research output can be deposited?

All research output can be submitted. This includes, but is not limited to, journal articles, books, book sections, technical reports, project reports, working papers, discussion papers, conference and workshop items (including papers, posters, lectures, speeches and presentations), patents, artifacts, compositions, performances, images, videos, audio recordings, datasets and experimental data.

The only exclusion is learning objects which are housed separately in Blackboard.

Please contact us first if you would like to deposit a dataset.

Can I add newer versions of a paper (e.g. a conference paper that is now being published as a journal article) to the repository?

Yes, you can upload as many different versions as you like. If the new version directly supersedes an older version we can link the two together. If you wish to do this, please email the Repository team at

What is a DOI?

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. Many journal articles, and almost all recent journal articles, are given a DOI number. DOIs can usually be found when looking at an abstract for a journal article. They will usually follow a similar format to: 10.1016/S0048-9697(02)00292-9, with a number, then a slash, then some letters and numbers.

DOIs can always be made into links by adding before the DOI. This link will then take you to the abstract for that article, and, if the institution you are logged into (e.g. UWE) has paid for access, a link to the full text. DOIs are used as links because they provide persistent identifiers, meaning the links will not break when any changes are made to Internet pages.

Can I edit my entries in the Repository?

Not directly. If you want to make changes email the Repository team ( and we will make the changes for you. If necessary, we can set up temporary admin rights to allow you to edit a large batch of items. Please email us if you wish to do this.

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