Glossary of open access terms

Open access (OA)

The immediate, online, free availability of research outputs without the restrictions on use commonly imposed by publisher copyright agreements.

Research output

The completed piece of research in a readable format, for example, a journal article, book chapter or book.

Research Repository

An online database which aims to provide immediate world-wide open access to all of UWE Bristol's research output.

Research data

A general definition is data in any format or medium that relates to or supports research. The exact definition of what is considered to be research data varies by discipline.

Research data management (RDM)

The practice of ensuring your research data is well managed throughout the lifecycle of your project. One way to achieve good research data management is by producing a data management plan.

Data management plan (DMP)

A formal plan detailing how you will manage your data. The aim is to show that you have thought about how to create, store, backup, share and preserve your data.

Open data

Data that is freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright.

Research Data Repository

A digital repository of research datasets produced during research conducted at UWE Bristol. The repository contains UWE Bristol research datasets or records linking to UWE Bristol research datasets held in other data repositories.

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