Microform reader

There are two microform machines available in Frenchay Library on Level 5. These can be used to read and print from microfilm and microfiche documents.

Microform readers are machines that can be used to read sources that are available in the library in non-electronic, non-print formats. ‘Microform’ is a collective term that covers a range of different formats. The library at UWE Bristol holds two formats of microform: microfiche and microfilm. Both of these can be read using the microform readers.

Historically this format was used as a means of storing large amounts of information. Therefore it is no longer used for new materials now that this type of storage is available online. However, there is a large number of historical documents that continue to be stored in microform. The library at UWE Bristol has a small collection of primary history materials that would not otherwise be available in another format. For a list of these primary sources go to Microform primary sources for History at Frenchay Library


They are located in the print and copy room, on Level 5 of Frenchay Library.


Please ask at the enquiry desk for further help.

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